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Support grows across the constituency

I am delighted that the Chairs of Holborn and Covent Garden, Kentish Town and Somers Town have all backed me – as well long standing members such as John Mills and Barbara Hughes. I thank them all and all the support that I have had to date.  It has been a couple of weeks since I announced that I would stand in this selection and I am clear that this is a decision that will be made by ordinary members in this constituency. It will not be made in corridors of Westminster or the Town Hall. Whilst I am delighted that high profile or local figures such as Claude Moraes MEP or Dame Jane Roberts or indeed Councillor Vincent have announced that they are backing me, this process is not for them alone. It is about all the members; some of whom are active, some who are not. I am delighted that so many have already confirmed their backing for me. I promise that I will be accountable to them and the wider public.

“London needs more bright and articulate ethnic minority MPs. Holborn and St Pancras have an ideal candidate in Raj Chada. He is locally rooted but has a national profile and would make an ideal MP.  Holborn and St Pancras is a unique constituency. It has always demanded something different and special. In Raj – you have that. An Irish Asian lawyer who has made Camden his home, and is a committed internationalist that works locally.  He will be a huge asset to the Labour party”
Claude Moraes MEP – London

“Having worked alongside Raj, I have no doubt that he is the best candidate for Labour in Holborn & St Pancras. No other candidate has his combination of ability, track record of local graft, integrity and decency rooted in strong values. No other candidate has Raj’s range of experience in education (at Haverstock School), in health (at the Royal Free Hospital), in housing and local government (on the council), in criminal justice (as a highly respected lawyer) or in the voluntary sector (as a charity trustee).
And despite all of this, he is a thoroughly nice guy, no overweening ego.”
Jane Roberts (Kentish Town) – ex Leader of Council

“I support Raj 100% for the seat.  He has proved his loyalty, imagination and commitment to Labour. He’s a role model for youngsters and he has real charm. He also lives in Kentish Town which can’t be bad. Ticks all the boxes for me.”
Roy Lockett – Chair of Kentish Town Ward

“I’m supporting Raj Chada as he has a principled approach to politics. I like his collaborative and co-operative style of working – he listens and works with people to get the best outcomes. His heart and his politics are just and fair and he understands the struggles many members of my community face on a daily basis.
As Chair of Camden’s Labour Party, Raj has led with the very best of Labour values; having the courage to challenge and ask difficult questions along with a genuine desire to ‘do the right thing’. As a lawyer, Raj stands up for our fundamental rights of freedom and importantly, is not afraid to challenge perceived wisdom.
I believe Holborn & St Pancras Labour Party deserve these qualities in their Member of Parliament.”
Sue Vincent – Councillor (Holborn and Covent Garden)

“I believe that Raj Chada is just the sort of MP that Labour needs – intelligent, experienced and with a long record of successful public service already behind him. Add in his strong connections with Camden and this  makes him the ideal next MP for Holborn and St Pancras.”
John Mills (Regents park) – ex Cabinet Member Finance

“Raj is a lawyer with a national reputation, but also a record of 15 years’ dedicated service to this area. He’d be a great MP.”
Chris Hehir – (Cantelowes)

“I want Raj Chada as my next MP.    Plainspeaking and convincing, he is bringing up his family with Geethika in Camden, where he works as an outstanding lawyer in the less lucrative areas which benefit ordinary people and has experience serving constituents as an elected local authority member with  executive responsibility for the council’s housing policies and as Leader of the Council.He would be an effective voice for the people of Holborn and St Pancras.”
John Thane – Highgate – ex Executive Member for Environment

“In some ways Raj Chada is like Frank Dobson. He is a politically honest socialist. He is part of the Camden community and has worked for years as councillor, school governor and a supporter of local causes.  His approach to problems is calm and analytical. He is never stand-offish but relates to people as an ordinary Camden citizen. You would never know from talking to him that he is one of the country’s leading solicitors. I would love to have Raj representing me as MP for Camden.”
Jim Mulligan – (Camden Town and Primrose Hill)

“I am supporting Raj Chada because he has both a national profile as a criminal lawyer (criminal lawyer of the year 2012) campaigning for access for people to legal aid (now severely restricted by the Tory Government) and is involved in local community issues. These are the two vital requirements for an MP who can represent Camden citizens in Parliament.”
Mick Farrant – (Gospel Oak)

“Raj Chada is an enthusiastic and effective campaigner. Raj is able to build alliances working with local trade unions and community groups, not just Labour Party members, to tackle the issues that matter. He makes sure he has heard and represents the views of a wide group of members and local people. Raj stands for authentic Labour values and has opposed the austerity that is hurting us all so much. Whatever the issue, Low pay, Labour Party links with the unions, Gaza…., Raj has taken a stand and campaigned for the people of Holborn and St Pancras. That is why I’m backing Raj to be there campaigning for us in parliament.”
Dean Williams – Chair of Holborn and Covent Garden

“Raj would be a dedicated, effective and principled MP for Holborn and St Pancras. I have known Raj for many years as a local activist, campaigning lawyer, fellow Councillor and leader of the constituency. He has always been an inspiration, working in a unifying and inclusive way with members, elected representatives, community organisations and trade unions to help make our area a fairer and more equal place to live.”
Lucy Anderson – London MEP and ex-councillor for Kentish Town

“I have worked since 2009 with Raj at Haverstock School, where we are school governors and where Raj is now Chair of Governors.   Raj has worked tirelessly for the school and played a principled role in the discussions whether the school should seek academy status.   His work as a lawyer has given him a wide understanding of the many problems Camden residents face in their daily lives.   In my view he is the ideal candidate to become the MP for Holborn and St Pancras South.   His wide experience and his humanity will make him an excellent and truly representative MP.”
Elizabeth Wilson – Govenor at HaverstocK School and Highgate ward

“Raj is a man of principle, who lives the Party’s values.  I served with him on the Council, and worked closely with him on the 2010 election.  He is brilliant, good-natured and utterly without guile.  His track record as a criminal barrister is exceptional.  I wholeheartedly endorse his application to succeed Frank Dobson.”
Penny Abraham (Kentish Town)– ex-councillor Bloomsbury

“All too often people in high places lose touch with the community they live in. Not Raj Chada. He sends his children to state schools and gives his time as school governor to my school Haverstock. He really believes as I do that the Local Authority should be responsible for ALL local schools whether they are called academies or community schools and that local communities not the DFE should be in charge of local schools.”
Nikki Haydon – (Camden Town and Primrose Hill)

“My experience of Raj over many years makes me sure that he will make an excellent constituency MP. He has all the qualities, including persistence, integrity, diligence, good people skills, understanding of the area, local government and parliament to ensure that.”
Hilary Paterson (Kentish Town)

“I am happy to endorse Raj’s candidacy for the parliamentary seat in Holborn and St Pancras. His commitment to this community has been demonstrated over many years’ work within the Labour Party and in Camden Council, campaigning for a just, democratic society which values everyone and supports those most in need. He will be a worthy successor to Frank.”
Valerie Leach (ex councillor Highgate)

“Raj has a long record of active political commitment to the people of Camden and I can’t think of anyone better qualified to succeed Frank.”
Bob Pitt – (Camden Town and Primrose Hill)

“I’m supporting Raj because he would be a campaigning MP who will represent the whole community. I think he is committed to putting local people first, defending services and bringing jobs to the area.”
Lucy Reese (Kentish Town)