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Speech at launch of ‘1001 Universal Appreciations for Muhammad’

Speech at a book launch of “Celebration of 1001 Universal Appreciations for Muhammad (SAW) Sunday 15/6/2014;  a book to promote understanding and tolerance between faiths

It is one of the matters referred to in the book but it is a strange paradox that in a world of increasing interdependence, we at times seem to live in ignorance of each other’s faith. Indeed, we live in a world where quite literally at the touch of a screen we have information for an entire world – but rather than allow for an exchange of ideas of ideas and values, we have often simply spread misinformation and lies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the discussion of Islam In the UK.

We have sometimes allowed to Islam to be misrepresented both by those who are not Muslim and seek to denigrate Islamic faith and culture and a tiny minority of those f Muslim faith who promote a twisted interpretation of Islam, These minorities may be at the opposite extremes of political and religious ideology yet they are united in their politics of division and distrust. Such distrust can only grow if we don’t understand your faith properly.

Islam is one of the great religions of the world and this book shows the interpretations of that religion that have occurred through many many individuals. This book will be invaluable to breakdown the mistrust that has built up.

Islamaphobia is one if the great social evils that’s exists in the UK at present, We must always stand strong ; I always says that I live in the best city in the world because my child goes to school with people of so many different cultures and faiths; it gives us a richness in Camden and London that perhaps nowhere in the world has; it is what makes Camden special.

We must share knowledge of each other’s faith. But we must stand against segregation and I fully support Cllr Hayawrds remarks about that ; we should not have segregation in this hall or elsewhere. I understand the pressures of growing up in different cultures and we must keep to the values and the struggle to do that – but we must remain as one family and not be divided.