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An open letter to the people of Camden

The following open letter appeared in the Camden New Journal.

Dear Sirs

In the last few weeks, we have seen two elections that remind us of the essence of democracy. In India, the world largest democracy and nearly a billion people voted in the biggest turnout ever and in South Africa, democracy is still new enough (and miraculous enough) for us to wonder at.

Yet democracy becomes tarnished if up to 2/3 of people in our country don’t vote on Thursday. As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland, (when there was no peace and no devolved government), the right to be able to choose who govern you – who makes the decisions that affect you, is precious to me and something that I value.

I urge everyone to vote because it is the very least that is expected of us.  This is also the first election in Camden since we celebrated the century anniversary of some key suffragette events. It would be fitting for Camden, to ensure that we have Sarah Hayward as our Council Leader, in charge of a Labour Group that is half female – and Camden resident, Lucy Anderson as one of our MEPs.

Whilst that is good, it is the fact that Camden residents will get  more council housing, more help with child care and a fight against HS2 that makes not just voting important – but voting Labour in these elections.

Raj Chada
Chair – Holborn and St Pancras Labour Party