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National Reformer

I have been recognised as one of the country’s leading radical lawyers.


I have won numerous accolades and helped define the right to protest in the UK.

I have recently obtained a summons against a multi national arms company for promoting torture equipment in the UK. I have acted in most of the major public order cases of the last few years from the Fortnum and Mason sit in to the Dale farm protests.

As Leader of Camden Council, I helped in response to the 7/7 bombings and how councils should be at the forefront of community leadership and cohesion.

My work at nationally important institutions, from the Royal Free to Freedom from Torture, has helped change our society for the better.

I believe that as a party we need to improve our ability to speak to the broadest cross section of society possible. We need to choose candidates with experience of engaging directly with members of the public; supporting them, challenging them, and fighting for them. And it is my direct daily contact with citizens in our community which gives me the authority to drive national debates and national change.

To find out more, go to my national leadership page