My values

My values

I am passionate about fighting inequality. I believe in a community based on the idea we all have an obligation to look after each other, and the right to be helped in times of need. This is how I see socialism and the ethos of public service, and why I am a member of the Labour Party.

I believe we need to do more to create opportunities for everyone to be able to be able to be involved and contribute to our community. I believe a Labour Government will make a real positive difference to people’s lives, with a living wage, improved housing, fixed energy prices, better jobs, and improved chances for young people including more apprenticeships.

I am furious about what the Tories are doing to our vital public services. I believe that all too often Government has looked to the short term. They have ignored the need for both investment and fundamental reform in many of our public services. This Government in particular has alienated public sector workers and wasted vast sums of money on unjust policies. This short-term approach has undermining the chances of proper long term improvements in a range of areas from the criminal justice system to protection of our most vulnerable children.

I am dedicated to protecting fundamental rights. I believe that defending the unpopular minority view is what defines us as a free society, and that all too often Government has chased media headlines rather than doing what is right and upholding the right to be different. I believe in a fast changing world, with developments in information technology, in biological science and in world politics, we need to pay ever closer attention to the importance of upholding basic human rights.

I believe we need to do far more to combat climate change, and that we need individual, local, national and international approaches to do whatever we can to make our world green, as well as to ensure energy security whilst decreasing reliance on investment from countries which we know are horrific abusers of basic human rights.

I am driven by the importance of politics in our everyday lives, and about campaigning for a better society. I believe that through linking issues at both local and national levels, we can be much more effective in fighting for social justice at both the immediate and everyday level and the broader nation-wide level.

I want to build on our diversity and all that unites us. This constituency is unique in having the extraordinary rich live side by side with the poorest in society. I believe I can engage with everyone in this constituency, and working together in solidarity, I believe we can deliver a more just, more fair and more equal community.

What I can say with great excitement and enthusiasm, and without fear or any prospect of regret, is that if elected as your MP, I would give my unbreakable word that I would never put anything ahead of the best interests of this area.
If selected as your candidate, I would commit to an active partnership with the networks which make Camden strong. If you want to find out more about my values, I set out more details on my beliefs here. I am serious about engaging with the whole of this constituency and want your input – if you have a suggestion about this, or anything else on my website, or anything else to do with the Labour Party, or local or national politics, I am keen to hear from you

To find out more about my role on the national stage or my role in our community, go here