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Leading lawyers back my campaign

I am honoured that a group of leading radical lawyers who have worked on key cases involving the right to protest are backing my campaign

As published in the Camden New Journal on 7 August 2014

We support Raj Chada to replace Dobson as our MP

Following your coverage of the race to select Frank Dobson’s successor, we write to express our views of one of the candidates, Raj Chada.

In a Westminster dominated by people who frequently and primarily work in politics or lobbying, and in an environment dominated by political insiders, it is crucial that a candidate such as Raj is running for Frank’s seat. Raj is a leading criminal lawyer recognised by his winning a series of awards and a published author on legal issues.

He has dealt with some of the most important and high-profile public order cases over the last few years making a real difference to fundamental human rights such as the right to free speech and the right to liberty.

He works tirelessly for justice and a safer ethical society evidenced by his taking on two multi-national arms companies after the Crown Prosecution Service failed to prosecute them for promoting equipment used in torture.

Having worked with him, we know Raj to be dedicated to those he represents, an ethos he will bring to the national Labour Party.

Raj is committed to all in need of a voice.

He demonstrates genuine care about the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people evidenced by his being instrumental in bringing the charity Just for Kids into to Camden – where the charity is provided with free premises by Raj’s firm. The charity pursues the important goal of assisting London’s children and teenagers who are at risk of going into the criminal justice system or need support with education and care provision.

Not only is Raj committed to local issues but has the skills, commitment and focus to equally contribute to national politics and we believe that the Labour Party would benefit having Raj as an MP.

25 Bedford Row
Garden Court Chambers
BSB solicitors (Vice-chair London Criminal solicitors)
Hodge Jones Allen