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I was admitted as a solicitor in 1998, and joined Hodge Jones & Allen in 1999.  I became a partner in 2002.
I practice in criminal law, and my practice covers the full range of criminal law work, with particular specialisms in public order, serious crime, terrorism, fraud, regulatory, money laundering and bribery, and he conducts much of his own advocacy (I was very pleased to be shortlisted for Advocate of the Year in the Law Society Excellence Awards 2013).

I have represented clients arrested in every major protest since 2009, including the arrest of members of UKUncut in Fortnum and Mason’s, protestors at the DSEi arms fairs, and Critical Mass cyclists.
The overwhelming majority of my work is funded by legal aid, and I was honoured to be awarded Criminal Legal Aid Solicitor of the Year in 2012. I was
As well as my public order work I have represented clients in some of the largest cases ever brought by Customs, BIS (the Department of Business Innovation & Skills), and the largest ever bribery investigation by the SFO.
I studied law at Cambridge, and trained from 1996-1998 at David Gray & Co, a large legal aid firm in Newcastle where I undertook training in departments across the firm, including housing, immigration, employment and crime.  I moved down to London in 1999 when I joined HJA.
As I explain on the ‘About me’ page, I chose to study law because of my belief in the importance of standing up for fundamental rights, particularly the freedom of expression, conscience and association. I also chose to practice law because I believe that providing legal representation for vulnerable members of our society is a critical public service, and when it is required, excellence should not depend on the size of your wallet, but on need.

If you need a criminal solicitor, you can contact me at or on 020 7874 8367 or Freephone via our switchboard at 0808 250 4065.  If you have been arrested and are calling out of hours, call our team on 07659 111 192.

Client Comments
“I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all you did for my daughter. I was extremely pleased, and hugely relieved, that you were acting for her, knowing your reputation … many many thanks.”
“The help I received from Raj has been exceptional”
“Raj’s work [on my case] was outstanding – thorough and professional”
Notable Cases
Protest cases:
R v F145 – acted for a number of clients accused of aggravated trespass during sit in  by UKUNCUT at Fortnum and Mason Department store. 145 people arrested in total .  All of the clients that I represented apart one were acquitted.
R v JM – acted for protestor who “foam-pied” Rupert Murdoch during the Parliamentary Select Committee
R v Critical Mass – acted for a number of clients arrested on opening day of Olympics. (182 people arrested in total).  All clients acquitted after trial and currently pursuing action against the police
R v S – acted for “Space Hijackers” who were arrested during G8 protests in London.  They had been arrested for impersonating police officers after they attended the demonstration in fancy dress in a fake armoured car. All cases dropped after representations and clients pursuing actions against police
R v Dale Farm – acted for a number of protestors arrested during the Dale Farm eviction. All cases dropped after representations and clients pursuing actions against police
R V DESi (2009) – acted for protestors arrested during the DSEI protest in 2009 (anti arms fair) – All acquitted after trial and received compensation from police
R v B – acted for a number of protestors who allegedly blockaded Harmondsworth Detention Centre; all cases dropped after legal arguments – Clients pursing actions against the police.
R v Occupy London (st pauls) – acted for a number of protestors during the Occupy evictions at ST Pauls ; 4 day trial and all given conditional discharge
R v Occupy London (Panton House) – acted for a number of protestors who had protested during the public sector strikes on 30 November 2011. All acquitted after trial
R v AF – acted for two protestors accused of conspiracy to cause violent disorder against neo Nazis – both acquitted
R v LR – acted in a number of cases from the London riots
R v AJ – represented an individual accused of an offence contrary to s145 of SOCA (interfering with trade of animal rights organisation)
R v Anti BNP – represented large number of individuals arrested during 1/6/2013 where 54 people were arrested. All clients that Raj represented were acquitted.
R v anti EDL – 286 people arrested during an anti EDL protest in Tower Hamlets ; all cases dropped by police.

Fraud/Bribery/Money Laundering
R v H – Representing Director in company accused of fraudulent trading, in largest case ever brought by BIS
R v JM Bank – represented employee accused of assisting others in breaking into bank’s computer system to facilitate large scale theft
R v DM – representing two clients in further fraudulent trading case involving sale and development of land deals R v M
R v OM/RB – representing Directors in companies accused of bypassing immigration rules for their employees
R v S – largest money laundering investigation by Revenue and Customs – involved the use of exchange bureaus in the UK to transfer money back to Colombia
R v B – represented senior executive during the BAE bribery investigation
R v TC – represented senior employee who allegedly received bribes whilst he worked at a major FTSE company/.
R v J – representing Director of IT company that has allegedly used bribes to secure major contracts
R v PC – representing former senior Executive in the Securency bribery investigation which spans across a number of jurisdictions.
Serious Crime
R v A – Represented defendant in alleged gang murder
R v T – Represented defendant in further alleged gang murder ; client acquitted
R v FL – Represented client arrested for attempted murder – case eventually dropped to section s20 GBH
R v C – Represented client in large scale conspiracy to import cannabis in UK
R v I – Represented client in large scale conspiracy to supply cocaine in street deals in the UK
R v NS – Represented client investigated for assisting “Pakistan Taliban” with funding