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I am delighted that the Chairs of Holborn and Covent Garden, Kentish Town and Somers Town have all backed me – as well long standing members such as John Mills and Barbara Hughes. I thank them all and all the support that I have had to date.  It has been a couple of weeks since I announced that I would stand in this selection and I am clear that this is a decision that will be made by ordinary members in this constituency. It will not be made in corridors of Westminster or the Town Hall. Whilst I am delighted that high profile or local figures such as Claude Moraes MEP or Dame Jane Roberts or indeed Councillor Vincent have announced that they are backing me, this process is not for them alone. It is about all the members; some of whom are active, some who are not. I am delighted that so many have already confirmed their backing for me. I promise that I will be accountable to them and the wider public.